Businesses networks have changed a lot over the past 10 years, but MPLS has done little to keep up. MPLS circuits still take too long to receive; bandwidth is still too expensive. SD-WAN appliances address many of those problems while creating security and predictability issues.

With all of these changes happening, CIO and their teams are being forced to reconsider their network architectures.

This Whitepaper will examine those architectures by identifying:

  • The legacy WAN challenges
  • How SD-WAN addresses those challenges
  • The problems with SD-WAN appliances today
  • How to benefit from SD-WAN as a Service revolution
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In this eBook you will find:

  • How Cato Networks Optimizes WAN and Cloud Connectivity 
  • Overview of the challenges optimizing performance in last and middle miles
  • Learn why traditional optimization approaches are poorly suited for today’s cloud- and mobile-centric, Internet-based networks 
  • See how Multi-Segment Optimization enable Cato to improve throughput by 5x and more without requiring new hardware or software appliance.