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Who We Are

Cato SASE Cloud is the world’s most robust single-vendor SASE platform to the leading single-vendor SASE paltform converging Cato SD-WAN and a cloud-native security service edge, Cato SSE 360, into a global cloud service. Cato enables enterprises to move away from rigid and disjointed connectivity and security architecture to Cato SASE Cloud, a modern secure network delivered as a service. Cato enables IT to rapidly address new business requirements, such as global expansion, M&A, cloud migration, and the hybrid workforce. Cato’s converged architecture reduces cost and complexity with simple management, self-healing infrastructure, and automatically evolving defense that seamlessly mitigates emerging threats. Customers can opt to manage their infrastructure themselves or co-manage it with Cato and its partners. With Cato, your business is ready for whatever comes next. 

What We Do

Cato SASE Cloud optimally connects all enterprise network resources, including branch locations, the hybrid workforce, and physical and cloud datacenters, into a global and secure, cloud-native service. Cato SASE Cloud uses its cloud-native security service edge, Cato SSE 360, to fully enforce granular corporate access policies on all applications, on-premises and in the cloud, protecting users against threats, and preventing sensitive data loss.  

Built on a global private backbone of 80+ Points of Presence (PoPs), Cato SASE Cloud enables predictable and optimized global connectivity between all enterprise resources. Cato Edge SD-WAN extends the Cato SASE Cloud to provide prioritized and resilient connectivity over multiple last mile links in physical locations. Cato SDP Client and Clientless access enable secure and optimized application access for users everywhere.  
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