For a long time, we were only concerned with connecting our locations, and wide area networks (WANs) were designed for that task. Cloud adoption, Internet usage, and more place new requirements on our networks. These macro trends have rendered traditional WANs irrelevant and software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) very pertinent.

In this Global Survey and Industry Report we examine the impact of these changes and answer several questions around SD-WANs including:

  • Will SD-WANs replace MPLS?
  • How will SD-WANs impact operational costs?
  • What effect will SD-WANs have on network security?
  • What functions should be included in an SD-WAN solution?
  • What’s the most important deciding factor in deploying SD-WAN?

“The SD-WAN market is poised for major growth over the coming years, which will be accompanied by growing pains,” said Jim Duffy, Senior Networking Analyst at 451 Research. “IT practitioners are still ironing out the wrinkles when it comes to SD-WAN. The technology offers streamlined management and increased network agility, but its cost reduction impact is constrained by the need for increased security and the continued reliance on MPLS.